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cai0116score:5.0 / 52016-11-19

Good service, room comfortable bed, very good?
supamaggiescore:4.0 / 52016-10-21

Old customers!
e04654315score:5.0 / 52016-10-18

Hotel service very user friendly ... well.
pippintoscore:5.0 / 52016-10-15

Has more than once staying Palace Hotel has, price high, service good. This times for travel to Datong, undoubtedly of still select Palace extreme, room is spacious comfortable, health conditions also is in place, hotel around of traffic is convenient, bus, taxi are is easy. addition hotel around has big supermarket, shopping are is convenient. we just to Qian Office handle good accommodation Hou, service personnel returned to we sent has beverage, room also was layout Hou, last I staying of when, said room dry, Did not think this time went straight to my room to place the humidifier and has started working, waiter wayan told me, knowing that I am afraid of dry, when I booked the room, preparing for me, this service is attentive, considerate and Palace Hotels, travel an ideal place, recommend you to experience
e00152700score:5.0 / 52016-09-26

Set a couple of times. particularly well. clean. reasonable price
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