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There is quite a famous ancient city wall in datong

Date: 2014-12-10

Datong city wall total circumference of 7270.7 meters, shape for something slightly long rectangular city.
Filling of the wall "experiments" ram, brick wall table package, about 14 meters high, than in xian ancient city wall is 2 meters high, 16.6 meters at its widest point, than the ancient city wall in nanjing 6.6 meters wide at its widest point.There are 62 wall door hug, turrets, watchtower.Four gates floor, among them the most magnificent, the south gate tower is three layer of heavy floor, 61 meters wide, 23.35 meters deep.The corners of the wall more than four turrets, especially in the northwest watchtower, the jie was octagonal, known as the floor.To flood words in 54 tower building of the tower for the most, is rare in other ancient city wall.At the same time also has a 96 - seat shack.In about 40 meters away from the wall, a moat, 10 meters wide, 5 meters deep.Four door has the barbican, construction area of about 17600 square meters.Outside the barbican is built around, in which the barbican circle, now have the gates.So, in datong city must be approved by three door card.Gates also built on "embrasured watchtower" or "the plaque floor" on the second floor.