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Datong to build international cultural tourism city

Date: 2014-06-12

With the development of beijing-tianjin-hebei integration gradually, the concept of Beijing and the surrounding cities big above is being formed, many cities also accelerate and Beijing tourism brand together. In 2014 China datong summer vacation tourism year start ceremony, datong to promote its tourism culture resources comprehensively, roll out series of preferential activities, to shape the datong tourism "shall" brand at the same time, also sent to better and more in-depth cooperation with Beijing demands.
Cool and refreshing shall rich display of light
The data shows, datong is apart from the Beijing 305 kilometers to the west as the crow flies, known as cool and refreshing shall. Beijing commercial daily reporter sees on the opening ceremony of the activities, in order to "cool, datong city, the summer destination" as the theme, the scene is not only a lot of shanxi specialty, but also show the classic "play boy, lions hole", "JinJu · the doors to catch ghost" and other operas.
Learned, datong is located in north latitude 40 degrees, average elevation 1000 meters, summer the average temperature is 20 ℃, relative humidity of 50% or so. Has improved in recent years, the ecological environment of datong, blue sky and white clouds become routine of datong, average concentration of PM2.5 in around 90, 2012, datong level 2 days more than 349 days, 2 days more than 345 days in 2013. Datong to cool and pleasant climate, coupled with the unique charm of regional culture resources, will be the first choice of the Beijing summer vacation.
A lot of high quality resources for development
Datong municipal committee, vice mayor cao cheng said the datong tourist number is 19 million, 2013, the output value reached 16 billion yuan. Tourism occupies only 5% of GDP, however, no pillar, but rely on tourism pull output value accounts for 15%. Datong, therefore, the government also has a long-term planning for the development of tourism. But fuck learn honestly think, datong of tourism development is inseparable from the support of the capital, datong's goal is to build an international cultural tourism city, the tourism has permeated the whole development plan of datong. So, fuck learn cheng also expressed the hope that entrepreneurs can more development, investment, tourism industry of datong. The hen of datong, datong, the Great Wall, datong volcanic group and datong has a lot of hot spring has not been effectively development, hope the industry colleagues to more to datong.
In addition, datong, datong government leaders introduced by ancient capital, shall, Buddha light, technique to concentrated datong tourism resources characteristic, will launch the datong summer tourism year series of activities: Beijing university students decompression summer holidays, the first snowflakes beer festival, the first 2014 datong international bicycle riding China conference, Ceng Zhushao scholarship sculpture exhibition, etc.
Discount will be proportional to the service
Datong this summer at the event, Beijing commercial daily reporter learned that launched a series of preferential policies, has drawn the university entrance exam students in Beijing, a large team and summer summer visitors. According to introducing, this year the id card and admission ticket of Beijing students and hold 2014 China datong summer vacation tourism year VIP card of Beijing residents traveling to datong, will enjoy all the scenic tickets at half price, four-star hotel below special offer online treatment.
For deep discounts will not affect the tourism experience problems, Zhang Diansheng datong city tourism bureau to Beijing business newspaper reporters that at present datong pay most attention to by the department of tourism is still the preferential policy, preferential policies and datong is just beginning, will continue to improve. Datong might have for the future in tourism, continue to launch preferential policies in charter flights, train, etc. And preferential policies formulated, also can better service for tourists, so will not because of the preferential policies formulated led to a decline in tourism services. Zhang Diansheng believes that after the preferential policy, the number of tourist will increase, if the service problems, therefore, the policy can also be affected, so the datong must be proportional to the discount and service.