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Datong 4 village named shanxi is the most beautiful tourist village

Date: 2014-07-29

"Shanxi is the most beautiful tourist village" poll this month announced 28, datong xuankongshi Wells of north village, attractions-and large springs, datong county barracks ditch village, village and had the yangs kiln village 4 village named "shanxi is the most beautiful tourist village". The reporter understands, since these four country enter the phase of the public, on May 19, in a lot of tourists.
Citizens mei-li li said that modern humans who lived city, noisy days unavoidably boring much a few minutes, and ask to datong, the province is the most beautiful tourist village, she will take the annual leave, ready to take their children to the four small village for a few days, feeling the rural life. There's plenty and mei-li li man have the same idea, one has just returned from the north village tourism on xuankongshi tian told reporters that these days to so many people in this village resort, entered the village north spring like entered the suzhou gardens, trees, Bridges, pavilions, corridors. Villagers house neat and bright, they were there to eat farmhouse meal, see mountain see water, spent a few days the land of peach blossoms.
Yesterday morning, the reporter sees in the south ring bridge, datong has many bike enthusiasts, meet to datong county barracks ditch village, and ready to have a picnic in the reservoir to the village. In recent years, rural infrastructure and living environment had the very big promotion, beautiful country to become a good place for people to relax.
"Shanxi is the most beautiful tourist village" campaign by agriculture department of tourism in Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province, shanxi broadcast TV, shanxi daily, was launched in May 2013, with the development of shanxi rural beauty and life beauty, beauty of environment, humanistic beauty, scenery beauty and recommended conditions for the selection criteria, entered the stage of the public in May. Zhuhai xuankongshi redstone Leng XiangShang village north spring springs, tree-lined, is the national agricultural eco-tourism demonstration village; Attractions-and big spring not only has the idyllic village folk customs, also has a lot of red tourism resources; Datong county barracks ditch village, mountain, mountain green water show; Had the yangs kiln village is located in datong seven south peak mountain at the foot of the hill, is orchid planting base, the specialty of the village for the development of tourism agriculture and characteristic agriculture, attract many visitors every year.