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Datong: "five" brand dig tourism market

Date: 2014-07-31

Datong linear distance of only 170 kilometers from Beijing, three and a half hour's drive or 45 minutes of the plane, have enough conditions to become the capital tourists preferred weekend holiday. Plus could soon be built in October this year, is expected to open to traffic in 2016, the city 1 hour distance will let visitors have a good imagination. Now datong tourists are mainly in Beijing, tianjin, hebei, Inner Mongolia and other places. France, Europe and other places of the guests here also began to interested in gathering.
For datong, are themselves to "international cultural tourism destination city" as the goal to build. In addition to the famous "coal" call, "the ancient capital", "shall", "Buddha" and "technique" arises at the historic moment, is to reinterpret the beauty here.
"The ancient capital" itself is datong is the important attribute. As one of the nine ancient capitals in China, datong, with Beijing, xi 'an, kaifeng, luoyang, nanjing and other cities have historical value. "Northern wei essence" is the most proud of the city history, AD 398, celebrates its datong xianbei ethnic minority group opened the historical footprints here, then experienced capital "liao", "town of Ming and qing dynasties" glory, was born the "yungang grottoes" lounge "world culture". The story too much here, "king wuling of zhao HuFuQiShe", "wang zhaojun and fill", "reform of fuzheng von queen mother", "Yang warrior", "Susan send under escort"... Here especially for students who have interest in history, scholars such as tourists.
Datong also focus on in the summer travel season make "shall" brand, "" the best place cool, datong city, the summer is here to meet this summer tourist slogan. An average elevation of 1000 meters, the highest temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, humidity is 50%, the breeze level 1 to 2. Such climate conditions have no let visitors to confirm this summer resort properties. And pure and fresh air are here to add more wonderful. According to environmental protection bureau, according to figures released in 2012, datong level 2 more good days is 349 days, 322 days, 349, the blue sky white clouds, here are common. It is such a pleasant climate, let datong started to recreation, ecology, sightseeing tour transformation, a large number of wetlands, hot spring resources here has also become the extremely has the potential to recuperate. It is understood that the datong attractions-and, there are centenarians 20, more than 90 - year - old old man, 1700, more than 80 - year - old old man, 8700, became the hometown of longevity and health.
With 50000 buddhas, the yungang grottoes have been listed as world cultural heritage, and is one of the datong is the most famous scenic spots. Here, as it were, push the buddhist sculpture art to a peak. In addition, the enshrine here is given the title "liao, the art museum of the; Tower has been called the ten wonders of the world more, datong "Buddha" is deserved.
As it is considered that there was heavy history got a bit serious, datong is quietly also borrow to build "technique", is inlaid on here a few minutes of romantic colour. According to understand, here is with musicians xiao-dong xie, will be an industrial park into a theme music dream park, music theme restaurant, bar, let it be "music art square cultural creative park + + health fashion consumption nightlife zones".