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Datong: 2014 yungang tourism festival culture unusually brilliant

Date: 2014-08-09

Chinese culture (datong yungang tourism festival 2014 10 sports activities have begun to appear in succession, rich and colorful, unique activities will greatly enrich the cultural life of people.
According to introducing, the culture of yungang tourism festival time is: 25 July to October 8, the theme of "China's ancient capital of the world datong", "cool datong city The summer destination ", through the unique cultural activities and art exchange, lead the development, improve the image of the datong, datong reveal culture, gathered popularity, expanding domestic demand, the economy, to accelerate the development of cultural industry and tourism transformation and upgrading, make cultural tourism festival transition span development the powerful engine, so as to promote international cultural tourism destination city construction. Cultural tourism festival adhere to the pragmatic, innovation, thrift and benefiting the people and the principle of safety, aimed at meeting the spiritual and cultural needs of the masses at the grass-roots level, to explore the government to promote, market operation, society participation pattern of organizing.
Not long ago, cultural tourism festival of the two big events - datong snowflakes beer festival, the second datong tent festival has been held successfully. From now on to October 8, 2014 will be held, the ideal of the festival, the 2014 China (datong) international automobile culture festival, for reconstruction of the "classic" sculpture exhibition and 2014 scholarship Ceng Zhushao sculpture art exhibition, 2014 datong summer vacation tourism year promotion activities, "are the second cade family square culture festival", the second city outdoor culture art county, datong art troupes boutique drama surrounding city tour activities, the Beijing and tianjin business "retrace the latter tea street" cultural experience activity, a total of eight categories.
Except for reconstruction of the "classic" exhibition of scholarship and 2014 Ceng Zhushao sculpture art exhibition is scheduled for September start, other activities will be up in August. 2014 datong ideal music festival, popular at home and abroad will be invited to, electronic, a combination of folk, rock, etc, and the band, invited domestic famous artist in 398, the northern wei cluster, forming the first artist studio set up creative bazaar, recreational experience, local cultural products and "datong taste experience area" and so on. 2014 China (datong) international automobile culture festival activities in the process of height at present, people in the car culture festival besides can enjoy all kinds of fancy cars luxury car, still can watch or participate in the model contest, photography contest, karting exhibitions, bike show, children's painting competition, and other projects. Datong 2014 summer vacation tourism year promotional activities include Beijing examinee decompression summer holidays, micro film demonstrates datong style, international bicycle riding China conference, ancient Mid-Autumn festival moon meeting, tourism image ambassador in China of the NBA finals, etc. "Are the second cade family square culture festival" has the music concert, signing the international famous brand and brand conferences, etc. The second urban outdoor culture art county have drama, photography, painting, calligraphy, poetry, creative design, arts and crafts, the skill performance and film screening activities.