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Peak experience Holiday inn to play the world's top the top of the mountain

Date: 2014-09-29

As master always secluded mountains, beautiful scenery is often in the clouds deep place. On the top of the hill, the traveling to escape from the noise of restlessness, appreciate the picturesque natural scenery, experience the quiet be just fine in daily life. Infinite scene in the perilous peak, we went to the top of the world's top the top of the mountain holiday hotel feeling experience.
Oman California resort (Amangani) is located in the eastern part of the Jackson hole, meaning a quiet cabin, it is the best one of the top of the mountain resort in the world. Continuous the grand teton mountains, winding canyon scenery and the surrounding grass, these really park scenery panoramic view. Visitors can enjoy the scenery as it appears in the outdoor swimming pool, can also be used in the exclusive suites enjoy spectacular scenery resort. You can read in annatto library books about native American culture, further understanding of the surrounding area; Can also come to visit a local art gallery, buying a souvenir, mountain trip for you to leave a mark.
West's wildflower hall hotel because of its original beauty and topped the top of the mountain holiday inn's antique furniture. Indoor decoration with the colour of the colonial era, outdoor is the majestic Himalayas, all this will make you as if place oneself in the fairy tale world. Tourists can go to the nearby forest trek, or lying in the outdoor heated swimming pool, the spa while enjoy the snowy mountain. In the winter, the tourists in the hotel the rink to glide; In summer, visitors can be in the lush lawn archery or play croquet.
Want to escape from the bustling crowd, loosen the mood? , mountain resort is the best choice. , mountain resort used car free way to travel, because of its focus on environmental protection highly praise. Visitors can side ringing feeling Mimi spring in the virgin forest, while enjoy the local scenery of mountains. Within the resort has a 13 th-century cathedral, it adds a romantic atmosphere for it. The local cuisine in one hundred tiles in the stove cooking, so be sure to enjoy a nice lunch in the Parlour Ida restaurant, as well as family cakes are to be tasted; But 1500 restaurant fine dinner also must never miss. After dinner, then base, a mountain spring spa, absolute cure oh.
Want to catch a glimpse of the magnificence of the potala palace and the Himalayas landscape? It is must to the st. Regis Lhasa resort. The hotel's traditional architecture all show elegance and plain style in Tibet. Walking in a gold foil pool, atop the, is surrounded by surrounding valley. Come to Tibet, must please resort the driver ACTS as a guide, take you along the majestic mount Everest, the six hundred years of history tashilhunpo monastery around a circle, or to the old palaces yungbulakang palace in prayer. The night ceremony st. Regis Lhasa resort, you will more deeply understand the Tibetan culture. In a ceremony at night, by the hotel food and beverage director to open champagne, open champagne, "bloom" fireworks at the front gate of the hotel, will be the night sky with bright and clinking.